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Roast Workshop 12,500,-

Join us for a two day roast workshop where our roaster Ben Symes will be going through all we know about roasting good coffee.

Ben recently went through a masterclass with Loring and has been roasting coffee with us since 2015. Before he started working for us, Ben spent time in Tokyo setting up a coffee roastery for the Norwegian company Fuglen. Over the years he has gained experience by roasting on both new and an old Probat machines as well as the Loring Kestrel S35. The roast workshop lasts for 2 full days and Norwegian lunch is included.

Date & Time: March 19th & 20th / March 26th & 27th, 2020

Place: Our roastery and lab at Tøyengata 29c, Oslo Norway

Please email for questions and info about our next course date.

More info

We will have a limited amount of available tickets for this workshop in order to ensure an intimate workshop where all participants are welcome to ask any and many questions about roasting. 

During the two days we will go through a lot of different subjects from green bean to roasting and maintenance. We want to share with you how we work with coffee sourcing, roast profiling and how we get consistent results year after year. The workshop includes a lot of tasting as we believe that tasting is the biggest part of quality control when it comes to perfecting our roasts. We are not scientists and will not pretend to be either, so rather than talking about subjects we don't know anything about or understand (such as coffee chemistry in roasting)  we will focus on teaching what we have learned over the years as roasters and green coffee buyers, and share as much as possible from our own experience with you.

 Below is a small outline of some of the topics we will cover.

  • Introduction to Tim Wendelboe and our approach.
  • Roast defects and green coffee defects, how to identify and avoid them.
  • Discussion about roast curves, roasting techniques & coffee roasting theory.
  • Importance of green coffee selection & purchasing. What to look for and what to avoid?
  • Quality Control cupping and sensory analysis in our lab. How to get cleaner coffee and improve consistency. Profile development over time.
  • Roasting for different brewing methods. Importance of roast degree and using colour tracking software.
  • Roasting on a Loring. How the machine works, best practice and what to avoid. Planning & implementing work routines for production. Automation, safety, cleaning & maintenance.

This course is designed for the coffee professional or aspiring professional who is either already roasting coffee and want to learn more about it, or for the one considering opening a roastery or want to start roasting coffee.