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Nacimiento 149,-


Red berries, chocolate & cherries.


Jobneel Caceres Dios


April 2016


El Cielito, Santa Bárbara, Honduras

Roast profile

Light roast

Growing conditions

1550 - 1700 masl. under mixed shade.




The coffee is selectively hand picked by hired pickers under supervision of Jobneel. Cherries are hand sorted before they are processed. After de-pulping the parchment coffee is dry-fermented for about 12-14 hours. Then the parchment is rinsed with clean water before it is dry fermented for another 12 – 24 hours, depending on the ambient temperature. After fermentation the coffee is washed in a channel where floaters are removed. Then the coffee is bagged and transported to Jobneel’s house where the coffee is dried on raised beds covered with shade 14 – 20 days.

Nacimiento is a small farm owned and run by Mr. Jobneel Caceres Dios and his wife Fany. The farm is situated at the top of the El Cielito branch of the Santa Barbara mountain in Honduras. The high altitde and moist climate makes this one of the most unique areas for growing coffees in Honduras. One of the positive effects from the cool climate is longer maturation times for the coffee cherry, hence more flavour in the coffee. There are also challenges related to the longer maturation times. Jobneel needs to harvest from January to May which is a very long time and if the early pickings are mixed with the late pickings, the coffee quality and shelf life is negatively affected. Therefore we have been separating his coffee by picking dates and cultivars for several years and this has been one of many important improvement Jobneel has made to his coffee production in the past years. One of the biggest improvements we made last year was to help finance and build new drying tables with shade cover. Previously Jobneel’s coffees were dried on cement patios. We are not big fans of this method as the patios tend to be unclean and the coffee over heats during drying, making the shelf life shorter. With the new drying tables, the coffee is now protected from rain and dirt and the temperature is cooler due to the shade cover making the coffees taste very clean and fresh for a longer time. Jobneel is also picking out all the defect parchment coffee while the coffee is drying. We have also helped Jobneel improve the picking by implementing hand sorting of unripe from the ripe coffee cherries as well as improving the fermentation and washing techniques. Jobneel is now paying a lot more attention to the whole harvest and post-harvest process and is becoming one of the models for quality production in his area.