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Mexico Chiapas 179,-


These old Bourbon and Yellow Caturra cultivars really shine when grown in the cool climate of Tenejapa in Chiapas, Mexico. In combination with the meticulous picking of fully ripe coffee cherries and long fermentation times, these coffees tastes like a bowl of ripe strawberries and stone fruit with a good squeeze of orange on top. These coffees were by far the best I tasted from Mexico when I was searching for coffees to be served at restaurant noma's Mexican pop up in Tulúm this year.



Flavour notes

Strawberry, stone fruit & zesty orange.


Several smallholders farmers


February - March 2017


Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico

Roast profile

Light roast

Growing conditions

Around 1640 masl under shade trees


Bourbon + Yellow Caturra


Ripe cherries are hand picked by the farmers and hired local workers. The pickers are trained by the team from Cafeólogo to sort ripe cherries from the unripe while they are picking. Sorting is done after picking to make sure our coffee only consists of the ripest fruit. After the cherries are harvested, they are soaked in cold water over night and de-pulped the next morning. The parchment coffee is then dry fermented in plastic tanks until the mucilage can be washed and cleaned off. Once coffee is washed, it is dried on concrete patios for 6-7 days during which the coffee is rotated every 20 min. Drying starts at 8am and finishes 4pm. Every afternoon the coffee is moved to the farm house to get stored over night. During drying the coffees get hand sorted and they use a fan to remove the cracked parchment and the beans with lower density. The Cafeólogo team assist in ensuring the cleanliness of the process and help control the temperature and moisture content of the coffees during drying.



This coffee is produced by 6 family members in cooperation with Jesus Salazar and his team at Cafeólogo in Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico. I came across these coffees while looking for coffees to serve at restaurant noma's pop up restaurant in Tulúm earlier this year. It was a no brainer to look for Mexican coffees for their pop up, but to be honest I did not have the highest expectations about Mexican coffees as I hadn't tasted any great ones in the past. After searching for a while and tasting loads of samples Jesus sent me a small set of samples that all outperformed what I had previously tasted. The coffees were wonderfully sweet and fruity and had great intensity. I asked Jesus if we could get some more to import to Norway and fortunately he was able to produce 500 kg more for us. The coffees are produced by 6 members of a native Mexican family. They all have small pieces of land around Tenejapa. They grow coffee with traditional organic practices but are not certified. The coffee trees grow under shade trees which allows for slower maturation and denser beans which gives an intense and fruity cup profile. Jesus Salazar and his team assist the growers in improving the harvesting, processing and drying techniques which is essential in order to get a consistent high quality coffee. We are really excited to be able to offer these coffees and hopefully we will be able to source more in the coming years. We would like to thank the farmers Antonio Giron Lopez, Pedro Jimenez Saints, Pedro Gomez Luna, Petrona Perez Lopez, Diego Jimenez Luna and Diego Gomez Jiron for producing such lovely coffees.