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Los Pirineos Espresso 161,-

Tim's Notes

Ever since I bought Gilberto's Bourbon coffee at the Cup of Excellence many years ago it has been one of my favourite El Salvadoran coffees. It is always super sweet and has a low acidity and a chocolaty cup that tastes great on its own but pairs really well with milk in cappuccinos and lattes. With moderate altitude and hot growing conditions this old Bourbon Elite cultivar has a very subtle dried fruit flavour but the main flavours of this coffee is chocolate with delicate nutty notes. It is for sure a coffee for those who are not too fond of the high acidity fruity coffees and a coffee I always enjoy drinking a lot of.



Flavour notes

Chocolate, nuts and dried fruit


Gilberto Baraona


February - March 2018


Tecapa-Chinameca, Usulutan, El Salvador

Roast profile

Espresso roast

Growing conditions

1450 - 1500 masl. under mixed shade.


Bourbon Elite


All cherries are selectively picked by hand. Unripe and damaged cherries are removed by hand from the ripe cherries before processing. After de-pulping the mucilage is removed with a mucilage remover which is a centrifuge that removes the mucilage without any fermentation taking place. After the mucilage is removed the parchment coffee is soaked in clean water over night. After soaking the coffee is dried for about 30 days on raised beds covered with shade while constantly being turned to ensure even drying. All processing and drying is executed at Gilberto’s impeccable mill at the top of the Tecapa volcano.The coffee was stored and shipped in vacuum packed bags to ensure we receive the freshest possible product.


More info

Los Pirineos is named after the famous Pyrinee mountains on the French-Spanish border. The farm is located on the top of the Tecepa Volcano in the south-east of El Salvador; which is reminiscent of the Pyrinee mountains. Gilberto Baraona, is now the proud owner of this farm that has been in his family since 1890. He grows many different cultivars on the farm but currently the Pacamara and heirloom Bourbon (called Bourbon Elite) imported from Guatemala in 1890 are the ones in full production. The Bourbon Elite cultivar has been used to develop the newer Bourbon cultivar often grown in El Salvador called Tekisik. Bourbon Elite gives an exceptionally sweet cup with a lot more intense flavours of fruit compared to the newer Tekisik on Gilberto's farm. This Bourbon lot comes from the area at the farm located at the highest elevation on the Tecapa volcano. Gilberto has recently finished building both a wet mill and a dry mill on his farm. The great thing about this is that he is now in 100% control of the harvesting, post harvest processing and milling and packing for export. The mill is built by the best standards using easy to clean tiles and stainless steel equipment only. So far it is the cleanest mill we have ever seen and Gilberto takes great pride in his processing skills. The impact of his efforts are definitely reflected in the flavour of the coffee. He is also producing coffees with many different processing techniques. Naturals, honey and washed processed coffees being the most common ones. As you know we are fans of the more clean washed coffees and this Bourbon Elite is a good representation of one of Giberto's high quality washed coffees. Gilberto is now drying all our coffees on raised beds covered with shade. This prolongues the drying of the coffee and helps improve the shelf life of the coffee as well as giving it a cleaner cup. We also pack, export and store all the coffee in vacuum packed plastic bags in order to preserve it’s freshness for as long as possible.