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Giakanja Espresso 169,-

Tim's Notes

A classic Nyeri style coffee with loads of rose hips and floral flavours. The members of this cooperative mainly grow the traditional SL28 cultivar and in combination with the cool nights and moderate hot days in Nyeri the coffees ripen slowly which gives a very intense and sweet fruity flavour. When prepared as espresso, this coffee get's really intense in flavour and acidity. Make sure you extract it well and please let it cool down before you taste it. It get's so much more balanced and sweet when the temperature comes down a bit.



Flavour notes

Floral, rose hips, red berries.


Several smallholders farmers


December 2016


Giakanja FCS


Nyeri, Kenya

Roast profile

Espresso roast

Growing conditions

1700 - 1750 masl

Wet mill



SL28 + Ruiru 11


The coffee is hand picked by the farmers and their families. After delivering the coffee to the wet mill the good coffee cherries are separated from the inferior ones. The cherries are depulped and graded by using an old disc de-pulper that uses water and gravity to sort dense beans from less dense beans. The beans are dry fermented for about 12-36 hours depending on the climate and amount of mucilage. After fermentation the coffee is washed and graded before it gets dried on elevated drying tables, where defect parchment coffee gets sorted out. The coffee is dried to a moisture between 10-12% and stored in conditioning bins before delivery to the dry mill.



This is the first time we buy coffee from Giakanja Farmers Cooperative Society. During several cuppings on our trip to Kenya in 2017, it stood out as being very delicate and floral, just like our favourite Nyeri coffees tend to taste. Giakanja is a cooperative with 1250 members. Each member is a smallholder farmer that cultivates coffee, maize and bananas. On average each farmer has about 250 coffee trees that grow under sparse shade from Gravellea and Macadamia trees. The farms are tended by the farmers and their family members throughout the year and they harvest and deliver their coffee cherries to the cooperative's wet mill where the coffee is bulked and processed. The cooperative provide advances for school fees, farm input and other emergency finance to it's members.