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Feldgrind 1,375,-


The feldgrind is one of the best portable hand grinders we have seen in the market. With it's consistent grinds and solid build you will hopefully never have to upgrade your hand grinder ever again.

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The feldgrind is made by Knock in Sotland and is aimed at producing fantastic grind quality in a format that can easily be taken with you anywhere.

At the heart of the feldgrind is a 38mm steel burr set which matches the quality and consistency of much more expensive commercial electric grinders. The steel burrs are treated to a ceramic case hardening program that provides a rustproof and is up to 2x harder than either stainless or standard b2 burr steel.

To achieve feldgrind's sub 600g weight the burr mount core is machined from aluminium, it's light guage tubing was brought in to combine with a design requiring less machining and then slimmer steel was used for the crank arm.

The top adjustment dial mechanism provides stepless, inifnite adjustment to allow you complete control over your grind. With the setting viewed through the crank arm window the settings are completely repeatable and makes it easy to move between turkish, espresso, aeorpress and other brew grinds.

The shaft and handle ride on sealed bearings.

The finish chosen for the body is black hard anodizing, lightly texteured, providing grip that is augmented by the 1" rubber band used to retain the crank arm when dis-assembled.