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What is a coffee subscription?

Just like a magazine subscription – or Netflix - a coffee subscription is a service that allows us to send freshly roasted coffee to your doorstep every month, without you having to remember or think about it.


How does it work?

Once you sign up, the correct payment is taken automatically out of your bank account on the 27th of every month. Then on the first Wednesday of the next month, we send you our favourites to enjoy at home or at work.


How much does it cost?

Norway: NOK 115 per bag + shipping (*including VAT)
Rest of World: NOK 100 per bag + shipping (*VAT is removed at checkout)


Is there a binding period?

There is no binding period, you may cancel or pause your subscription at any time you wish under 'My Account' settings.


How often will I receive my coffee?

We currently send out our coffees on the first Wednesday of every month.


How long does it take for coffee to reach me?

Shipping with Norwegian post varies depending on where you are. The amount of shipping days is out of our control and we unfortunately cannot offer tracking on this service.


Norwegian Post:
Norway: 2 - 5 days
Sweden & Denmark: 3 - 9 days
Europe: 3 - 10 days
United States: 5 - 10 days
Rest of the world: 7 - 20 days


With FedEx, tracking is provided.


Europe: 2 - 3 days
Rest of world: 3 - 4 days


How do you guarantee freshness?

We flush our bags with nitrogen when we seal them, as we believe that this preserves freshness and greatly enhances the shelf life of the roasted coffee. In our experience the optimal period to consume our coffee is from 1 week after roasting to within 5 weeks of the roast date, (although it can still taste great after this). We have found that the best brewing results come after allowing the beans to rest approximately 5-10 days after roasting. This de-gassing period allows time for most of the CO2 from the roasting process to evaporate. In other words, by the time you receive our parcel in the mail, you should be ready to go.


When do I need to sign up by?

To catch the next shipment, make sure you place your order by 12 noon (CET) on the 26th of the month. For example, place your order by 26th April to catch the next batch of coffees sent on the first Wednesday of May.


What do I get with my subscription?

Each month we choose our favourites coffees, making sure that your receive something different every time. Occasionally we will roast something exclusive for subscribers, it may be a micro-lot that we have purchased or a unique variety. Coffee is always roasted to order and sent out on the very same day, so you are guaranteed to receive freshly roasted beans. You can order 1, 2 or 3 bags per month – filter or espresso roast.


Can I pause/freeze my subscription?

Yes, just log into “My Account” and change the settings in there under "Subscriptions" - "Schedule" - "Stop".


How do I reactivate my subscription?

Log back into “My Account” and change the settings in there under "Subscriptions" - "Schedule" - 


Can I change the details of my order?

Yes, you can change the delivery address, quantity of bags, coffee type (filter/espresso) and shipping method under “My Account” then "Subscriptions". Please remember to do this by the 26th of every month in order for changes to be reflected in your next shipment.


How does a gift subscription work? 

This works the same as our recurring subscription except that it only lasts 3, 6 or 12 months. So it really depends how much you want to spoil that special someone… If you want to update your shipping address, please send a mail to


General Enquiries

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We are pleased to offer international shipping. Unfortunately, due to customs challenges, we are not currently able to ship to Russia and China.


Do your prices include shipping?

No. Because shipping rates vary according to destination, shipping costs are calculated and added to your total during checkout.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on the weight of your order and the destination. We currently use both Posten and Bring for packages delivered within Norway, choosing the most cost effective method. We use FedEx for packages delivered to the rest of the world.


When will my coffee arrive? Will it still be fresh when it gets here?

We want you to enjoy the freshest coffee possible, so we send coffee which is roasted on the same day, or the day prior. This means orders placed from Tuesday - Friday are sent on those days. Orders received from Saturday - Monday will be roasted and shipped on Tuesday, our next roast day. 


In Norway, postage may take from 2-5 days, (but will most likely arrive the following day). International orders sent with Norwegian Post will take between 3-7 days in Europe, 5-10 days to the United States and between 5-20 days to the rest of the world. We are not able to track these shipments. Fedex offers tracking and is much quicker, it should take between 1-2 business days within Europe and 2-4 days to the rest of the world.


As roasted coffee needs time to de-gas before brewing (approximately 3-7 days for filter coffee and 5-10 days for espresso), the shipping time usually acts as a buffer, meaning your coffee is optimal for drinking upon arrival.



Do you sell ground coffee?

No. Because we are committed to providing you with the best coffee experience possible, we only sell whole bean coffee. You can view our selection of grinders in our webshop.


What kind of grinder should I use?

We currently offer hand grinders in the webshop. These work well, but take time to use, especially if you are making coffee for a large group. There is a wide range of electric home grinders available on the market today, from entry level to café-quality. The two most important criteria to look for are an adjustable grind setting and an acceptable quality of grinding mechanism. In addition to the hand grinders in our webshop, we recommend the Wilfa, the Mahlkönig Vario, and grinders made by Barazza.