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Open Lab 150,-

Date: Tuesday 11. February
Time: Lecture starts at 18:30
Duration: 2 hours
Place: Tim Wendelboe HQ, Tøyengata 29c, 2nd floor
Topic: Biological farming and updates from Finca el Suelo

This lecture is part of our "open lab" series where our fans and followers are able to join one of our staff trainings.

More info

Tim was recently in Colombia and will be sharing the latest updates from our biological coffee farm Finca el Suelo. This will aslo be an evening where Tim digs a bit deeper in to the subject of soil biology, how nature grows plants and why soil is probably the most overlooked yet teh most important part of our existence. If you are interested in learning more about the complexities of organic farming and the benefits of using biological farming techniques, then this would be an evening where you might get some more answers to your questions. Tim has been studying soil biology with soil biology guru Dr. Elaine Ingham and has been working based on her teachings since the start of his coffee farm in 2015. Not only will there be some heavy deep dives in to soil biology but Tim will also share some of his practical experience in implementing the theories in to real life. If you are a farmer, interested in gardening, farming or even coffee, then we hope to see you at this open lab evening.