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CoffeeMind - Sensory Performance Course (9 April) 11,700,-

Price: 1,200EUR ex. VAT


- 9th April (Test 1)

- 21st May (Test 2)

- 2nd July (Test 3)

Time: 10am - 4pm

Venue: Tim Wendelboe Lab, Tøyengata 29c, 2nd floor, Oslo, 0578 Norway

This is a personalized online course with 3 contact days at Tim Wendelboe's Test Lab, designed to improve your sensory skills within just 12 weeks. The course consists of three sensory skill assessments at the venue (test 1, 2, 3) with six weeks of e-learning for you to do at home in between each test. Included in the e-learning is an online training program where you train your sensory and cognitive skills 10 minutes per day. You just have to get online and follow the training instructions! Most of the days the training will include taste and smell samples for you to detect. You will receive a small training kit after each test. See below for more details.

What to expect:

- Improve your sensory performance
- Explore your cupping skills
- Join intensive brain training: get better memory and attention
- Access to online training material
- Including sensory and brain training program
- Get your skills and improvement tested three times
- Personal feedback report after every test
- Understand your strengths and weaknesses
- Get a tailored training program

Prerequisites: No experience required.