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Brewing Course 1,200,-

Want to learn how to brew delicious coffee just like our baristas do? Join us for this 2.5hr "introduction to brewing" course at 6PM with our lovely barista, Rikke. Taking place at the TW Lab here in Oslo, the course will walk you through how to brew coffee using the aeropress (our chosen brewing method behind the bar) and the V60 pourover. We will brew several different coffees that we have in stock, and all participants will receive a 100g sample plus a brewing guide when they leave. Each course has enough seats for 8 people, so come alone and make friends, or bring your own friends with you. 


Tøyengata 29c, 0578 Oslo


6pm on designated Thursdays (see dropdown menu on the right for dates)

What you get:

  • personal instruction from one of our highly trained baristas
  • introduction to aeropress method
  • introduction to V60 method
  • learn how to taste the difference between under and over extracted coffee
  • tasting of different coffees with different flavour profiles
  • take-home brew guide and coffee samples

Is this for me?

  • This course will be useful for anyone who has little to no experience with brewing coffee using the aeropress and V60 methods at home, or anyone who would like a fun introduction to hand-brewed coffee.
  • Already a barista? No problem. Come along anyway and learn how we brew aeropress and V60 here at Tim Wendelboe, and what recipes we use.
  • Looking for a fun, team-building event for your coffee-loving crew? This one's for you... 

Our goal is to show you how easy it is to make delicious coffee at home or in the office, all on your own...

For more questions and details, feel free to email