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Gedeb (Organic) 163,-

Tim's Notes

Ethiopia has long been a tricky origin to buy coffee from for a small roastery like us and therefore until the end of 2018 we have had to rely on importers in order to buy small quantities of coffee from Ethiopia. This lot was purchased through the French import company Belco and was one of the better tasting Ethiopian coffees we were offered last year. However I still think there is a lot of room for improving the quality of the coffees we buy from Ethiopia and therefore we are changing our buying practices there. In 2019 we will try to purchase and work more directly with small farms in Ethiopia. Of course we will still need logistical services from companies like Belco and Nordic Approach but I am hoping we can have more impact on how the coffees are harvested and produced and eventually work closer with farms in Ethiopia like we are doing in Latin-America. This coffee is tasting like a classic Yirgacheffe coffee with notes of flowers, peach and tropical fruit with a tingeling citric acidity.



Flavour notes

Pineapple, flowers & peach.


Aman Adinew (Metad)


December 2017


Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Roast profile

Light roast

Growing conditions

2000 masl. intercropped with ensät, avocado, papaya & wanza


Ethiopian Heirloom


Ripe coffee cherries are de-pulped. Then the parchment coffee was fermented under water before it was washed and graded in washing channels. The coffee was dried on raised beds and packed and shipped in grain pro bags.


More info

This coffee is produced by the Adinew family. Gedeb Beriti is a farm located in the Beriti kebele in the Gedeb woreda in the Gedeo zone. The farm is certified as an organic producer and the coffee is certified organic by Debio Norway, NO-ØKO-01.