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Echemo 169,-

Tim's Notes

This is the third single farm coffee we bought from Ethiopia in the 2018/19 season. Khalid is mainly growing old cultivars that was planted by his grandfather many years ago. His grandfather selected seeds from wild coffee trees from the the nearby Coche forest and the trees he planted are still producing well today. Although Khalid has also planted some of the new cultivars from the Jimma Agricultural Research Center, the majority of his coffee is still from the old forest wild cultivars.It is amazing to see these old trees as they are so tall that you are literally walking underneath a canopy of coffee trees or "inside a coffee forest" (see photos below).

I believe that these old cultivars is the reason why Khalid's coffee is very different fromt he coffees you will find in the nearby areas. It is not the typical "in your face" floral and fruity coffee like you might expect from an Ethiopian coffee. Instead it has a great rich mouthfeel with a sweet honey like flavour with notes of baking spice and mint in the aftertaste. Still you will find a pleasant fruity and floral character, but much more subtle than your typical Ethiopian coffee. A complex, sweet and rich coffee that for me would be a great end of a heavy Christmas dinner yet that is also very interesting to drink on it's own.



Flavour notes

Stone fruit, floral honey & mint.


Khalid Shifa


December 2018

Farm name



Goma, Jimma, Ethiopia

Roast profile

Light roast

Growing conditions

2100 masl. Under canopy of native forest trees


Heirloom from Coche forest


Only ripe coffee cherries were picked by local hired pickers. After picking the cherries were de-pulped and the parchment coffee still with it's mucilage left on was immediately dried on raised beds under sun. This is called Honey Process. The coffee was exported and stored in Grain Pro bags to maintain its freshness.


More info

Khalid Shifa is 3rd generation coffee farmer. He is the proud owner of Echemo, a 35 hectare coffee farm that he inherited from his father and that was started by Khalid's grandfather. Today, Khalid is running the farm together with his brother. As they both grew up on the land they are well aware of the importance of taking care of the biodiversity on the farm. Therefore they are preserving the forest that is already containing a lot of their coffee plants as well as planting more shade trees like Acacia and Saspania in order to try to expand the forest on their land. They are also planting new and improved coffee cultivars from the Jimma Agricultural Research Center, yet most of the coffee trees they grow are very old and come from seeds from wild coffee trees growing in the Coche forest that is just a few kilometers away from the farm. The seeds were harvested and planted by Khalid's grandfather when he established the farm back in the days. These old coffee trees have grown so tall that you can actually walk underneath them. It makes it challenging to harvest the cherries as they mainly grow in the top part of the trees where there is more sunlight exposure. Still Khalid is able to harvest between 5-10 kilos of cherry per tree from these old Cultivars, which is much higher than the average 1-2 kilos per tree in Ethiopia. (This might be an indication of having a very healthy soil on the farm.) Khalid is not using any mineral fertilisers or agrochemicals on his farm. He removes weeds by gently scraping the surface of the soil or by cutting them with hand tools. He also has bee hives placed in top of the trees that are scattered around his farm, in order to produce honey, which by the way taste really amazing and floral. Khalid is mainly producing natural processed coffees, but have in collaboration with Belco, a French based coffee import company, started to experiment with honey processed coffees. He is planning on installing a small washing station on his farm in the future. He is drying all his coffees on well maintained raised beds. Belco also helped us purchase, mill and ship this coffee.