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Chorongi 139,-


Winey, black currants & rose hips.


Several smallholders farmers


December 2015




Nyeri, Kenya

Roast profile

Light roast

Growing conditions

1700 – 1800 masl.

Wet mill



SL28 + SL34 + Ruiru 11 + Batian


The coffee is hand picked by the farmers and their families. After delivering the coffee to the wet mill the good coffee cherries are separated from the inferior ones. The cherries are depulped and graded by using an old disc de-pulper that uses water and gravity to sort dense beans from less dense beans. The beans are dry fermented for about 12-16 hours over night in one tank, then transported to a second tank with water where the fermentation is finished. This prevents the coffee from over fermenting. After fermentation the coffee is washed and graded in the evening before it gets soaked over night for about 12 hours. After soaking the coffee is dried on african elevated drying tables, where defect parchment coffee gets sorted out. The coffee is dried to a moisture between 10-12% and stored in conditioning bins before delivery to the dry mill.

The Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society was formed in 2000 when it was separated from a larger cooperative. The cooperative is situated in Nyeri in Central-Kenya and has 7 different washing stations (also called factories) where the members are delivering their coffee cherries for processing. This particular coffee was processed at the Chorongi factory. We have been buying coffees from Nyeri for many years as Nyeri is known to be the area that produces the very best coffees in Kenya. Over the years we have tasted thousands of coffees from different cooperatives in the area and the coffee from the Chorongi factory has consistently been one of the best coffees year after year. The board of directors of the Mutheka cooperative have been woking hard over time in order to improve the quality of their member’s coffee and are both Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified. (We are not selling the coffee as certified.) Not only is the cooperative very well organized, their chairman and leadership has been on board for many years and that is part of the reasons why Mutheka is regarded as one of the best and most consistent producers of high quality coffee in Kenya. The cooperative also has an agronomist working for them, Simon, who is training the farmers in how to improve the coffee quality at farm level.