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Manual Brewing

We recommend to always stick to the following brew ratios...


For the best possible results in the cup we highly recommend to always stick to the following brew ratios for brewing coffee:

  • - For automatic or manual filter brewers use 60g - 65g coffee to 1000g water. (1 Litre)
  • - When making Aeropress, French press or steeped coffee (kokekaffe) use 65g - 70g coffee to 1000g water. (1 Litre)

If you don’t hit the desired taste using these ratios, you can try adjusting your grinder according to these rules:

  • - If the coffee is tasting sour, watery or thin - Adjust your grinder finer.
  • - If your coffee tastes bitter, chalky or too strong - Adjust your grinder coarser.


Above is a little Periscope session we did on manual brewing.


(Yes, we know that it is not filmed in landscape. The reason for this is because Periscope was not supporting that at the time we made the video.)


Nevertheless, there should be a few brewing tips in the film, so we hope you enjoy it.