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January 02, 2018

"Trees for Quality" Update

As you may recall we held a little fundraiser during our 10 year anniversary to collect money to plant shade trees on the various farms that we work with. (Shade trees are used to provide a natural canopy for our coffee plants and helps reduce the amount of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides that the farmers need to use, as well as helping to retain more moisture in the soil.)

You’ll be pleased to know that we just transferred US$2,500 to Gilberto Baraona at Los Pirineos in El Salvador. This will cover the planting of 2,500 shade trees of the types: Inga, Gravilea and Pine trees (for different altitudes) on his farm (see photo).

We also transferred US$1,500 to Colombia that will cover a further 1,500 shade trees on Elias’ farm, Finca Tamana, and my biological farm, Finca el Suelo.

The remaining funds will be transferred to Honduras next year to plant trees with the Caballeros and in Nacimiento.

Here's a a little reminder of what our “Trees for Quality” campaign is about.