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June 17, 2010

El Salvador Cup of Excellence

We just bought the 30th place winning coffee at the 2010 El Salvador Cup of Excellence auction. You might wonder why we didn't bid on the delicious 1st place winner or the lovely no. 3. Well, we are looking for a slightly different profile from El Salvador. Although I love the Pacamara they produce, I feel that we are able to source similar styled coffes from Honduras, only with more intensity. However,  I love the super sweet and dense Bourbon coffees from El Salvador. The lot we bought is just the style we are looking for. The coffee is super sweet, juicy and has a lovely marzipan aroma with berries and plum in the background. We bought this lot for USD 5.31 per lb (453 grams.) That is more than USD 4,- above fair trade price. We are planning on using it for espresso as we think this style of coffee will be super sweet pouring from our FB80. Hopefully it will arrive in about 6-8 weeks.